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Current release notes

  • Email/Mobile Printing: IMAP email folder selection showed multiple times a subfolder.
  • Email/Mobile Printing: Subfolders could result in an exception.
  • Email/Mobile Printing: Inbox removed as fallback when nothing was found (could result in unwanted processing of inbox files).
977F185D2DE5F9BA93533224832E6155D669D21798CF153762E34EC07BF79FD2 FPSetup.
4D9849B57A2BCB3578E63DF2A93437463E78EE92A65E614C412DD91A1F9133E7 FPSetup.
CC70C39F26348D1310441474AF2DBFBF17E83A0272D8BB096064FBC75B4CFB06 FPSetup.
6C091C2A2B631E23A5AE38576CE9EAD27A7D26F62B88F6E68ED9A610B92D6A60 FPSetup.

  • UI: small translation update
  • Email/Mobile Printing: update to mail packages.
8055D53B7A293C39C81E7AB7997735D746D53C6E45BCF03EAEAC0B266198DCD3 FPSetup.
B737DB3F15DD8D5D86F17F03D33C89C8BD7DB3EE2F9965B5C8009746DF70D392 FPSetup.
D84054E23C1123D8DC81EC4C9E97ADF10488D0CA6AD0654EF091FCEB79602E71 FPSetup.
74FCBE88E0EDD7522075B6467E15E7C41EE8A9611EDED988A76BA66388EA8EEF FPSetup.

  • Conversion: extract: converter to extract zip files now supports .gz (GNU zip).
  • Input: Added support for Amazon S3.
  • Output: Added support for Amazon S3.
ED611EDDBED2F3A3436902DF81ED2B6EBA2285FE691DFC06C4FAD6FFE062F771 FPSetup.
EB83BAA973CCE0D133A59859503C468438E0EDF47AD6950E8C11D749006F98CA FPSetup.
E0F71275F69D94748BE5854F54058E5C77D4A55767EA91C0AC1B196E4DBD9AD5 FPSetup.
D4E540992B59337BC3A1E59867C5A145C11FD510F81EB2E4EC234469250D5622 FPSetup.

  • Converter: extract: added a converter to extract Zip files (folders within the Zip are supported if the option include subfolders is checked in the output.)
  • Converter: To images: added a converter to convert PDF files to jpeg images.
EB1EC6B601A929852198BB0020F9D40EE7EF2F328622BD280F912F1B8AA78524 FPSetup.
A94FE658FB628C3440BCA35DC39A19D43A5E2C629DC9CDDDA6AD76DB66EBC0D4 FPSetup.
3A381CF67BA5BB7ED47EA0759CD95421FF916564263C9A9A5CE5DAA0CBF3D476 FPSetup.
8BAA122BEEAE0040BA0F3E35317A870662ABAD59D931780D88D7ED1D9AF54C0D FPSetup.

  • Input Filter: FileSequence: sorting was not respected when having a large number of files due to unstable sorting.
  • Input Filter: FileSequence: a possible nullreferenceexception was prevented.
B296733C6B9C0BFADC003BB3F9370773F3DB4EC8C3B731838B2A9BAD445E6FFE FPSetup.
108AF8DD6CF5961B7ACB7E62341E39C9850D88404324820241A7FC3070370172 FPSetup.
2C75F236195CA34E093372E378C96F4C766AEE8093D54336F303C88B098652F5 FPSetup.
030219BA91D7C40DF4104C3BA8E5912E157E0AEFC124C2CB3E1F62613C581F56 FPSetup.

  • Conversion: PDF: when splitting PDF files an index number has been added to the file name to be able to sort the resulting files.
  • Conversion: PDF: extra info is given in the channel log.
2A81D52727123E129C0413352E1AF16292D716B86BFECD4996CA232B03A33673 FPSetup.
DA8AE1813CD18B91A75FE8DF0D0ADE657484685D012FDAB13F5D267E97FF3F51 FPSetup.
34B406835EEF0977E902B371E1CED7B36296649EB5C9D94D451F35382BBED53E FPSetup.
339A853695E5C508126596B44A67A76010ED2FA52E960209C81CC2638CBDA440 FPSetup.

  • Input Filter: fixed a bug where File Processor could crash on filter with regular expressions.
  • UI/Conversion: PDF converter dialog has been updated.
  • Conversion: Conditions in converter show now an additional tooltip.
  • PDF: small update to CalRGB colorspace reading indirect references.
  • PDF: improved calculation of spaces.
DAAE609906C07F5D7007475B2CD5F5B2D58FD6F40887400D19156A67AC87DF93 FPSetup.
71F7B75F5AE56E97D4824083D56AEB8A76542DBA811F0AB3CEB9BC2674A9BA93 FPSetup.
FF90C5CB9D045A0AD4928BC940659FDC5EC6787A9B42E08BA0EBAFA5494748D5 FPSetup.
DF05AC5C9CC0E53C0BA056ED9A4261EE2C430A8B95EF42B8B74E00CB40F1CC13 FPSetup.

  • Conversion: PDF converter has extra option to split on a recognition.
  • Conversion: PDF converter has extra option to split on a different value.
  • Recognition: fixed visual bug where a 10px border was set on top of the page image in the boundary selection dialog.
  • Recognition: fixed bug with text recognition where text with a negative width was incorrectly used.
  • Recognition: speed improvement with the preview. Only the first 25 pages are used and default only the first page is searched to give faster results in preview.
internal version.

  • Plugins: FTP: added support for TLS1.3 (FTPS).
D6DF0ECCBF2D847D5D840D260A9064084CCBE6F985F965404C235BF71E92B51F FPSetup.
F9CB5A9208E3E79637CDACA6FA7AB31168BB37F3976B76E3167152C434FBD7A7 FPSetup.
34AB882BABF42245F6910CE6E4CDDD711DC9173C52D1788C5307FF7D8DDEE130 FPSetup.
09DA2DF4A2DCBAAC17F42586EEA5E597DD85764C7516E33CFC2325FCDC346F86 FPSetup.

  • Plugins: SFTP: Added input/output plugin for SFTP
  • Plugins: FTP: Added support for FTPS in the existing FTP input/output plugin.
940D483425A86D26399D856730520FA0ED0B2D2A8EF2CD3AD7C42BE5AF635B87 FPSetup.
0CD209DF70BE49A3A50D2A101215CF06F5B02A3D65D65B7D79E7C4EC9AE3135A FPSetup.
E2FDC624E4A5D53E94E7534AA7C9CCE75709FC2711D5DF5AE0CFDDC54CDC942D FPSetup.
664B5C699E6A57391E4A36B64A5CD218978453595AE79D678BF75F462BBD67EF FPSetup.

  • Converter: Added support for XSL(T) transformation/converter.
0FF5AE1501F1772F8A3AC83ACEEBE847E1A6B2A56C046EEFCE9D9A9678851B47 FPSetup.
B0B52D085953E00D15B1A7500C6A792A791E8875BA49871BC0D7361B786DAB32 FPSetup.
2C052EB63829AEA9E5126A8844E5AE3F714DDD237BF0E0A1009A5A290EB2330F FPSetup.
AC89EC324ACEE020F21876EF6049B9975035B9A1A702D93F735B499D8A8AFB08 FPSetup.

  • General: code cleanup and code improvements.
  • Setup: several assemblies being updated to take advantage of .NET Framework 4.8.
C6D472377FC686A6E658DA9B7296F46FE036DDBF4CC79D50307CD11BC66BC928 FPSetup.
1569FCBB84179E51506470B0B23B691B0FEAFF137231BC3BB60E7B6C7AC9ABCB FPSetup.
3B6BB5BFC8725E2F62D238DFC6252DF87F5840BE0F5377EA7B509F7F6B51B023 FPSetup.
0699AB9389AEA569987AF074F0BA6F8AF821F465416D9081DC2975DCA0A7837B FPSetup.

  • Plugins: Email and Mobile Printing plugin assembly fix.
C6969BFBAC8DEF47DB119E3436AC8B7C00C02D8393EFD5F0B8575AEAE0E13F51 FPSetup.
2CFAF65D3E71A441F200383EBBA8AF630B76BE88C64BA19E59AA08CE6EE46E16 FPSetup.
B35F4A17BE38AE13E09AE14DDE22340AA27CEA5ED5D80912610448E07FC37FDB FPSetup.
B35F4A17BE38AE13E09AE14DDE22340AA27CEA5ED5D80912610448E07FC37FDB FPSetup.

  • Setup: .NET Framework 4.8 required.
  • PDF: various improvements.
  • Print (v3): quality improvement.
  • Print (v3): plugin updates
63A5BEAF4E5B9196316573C640F2B281194AC41FEC78794B12E223ABB3DBD899 FPSetup.
659053FD5E4258A44FC1A1679C3882C203E28C4D104E13D0A22501DC5E650243 FPSetup.
FBA7B02A63C177A38B31B0098007DE9FD62F32E0BD65BACD974E19C6C6AB44B9 FPSetup.
EFF8EE9CC61593EE040A0D3B68DB724D33A233A0F95318983FFA84F6D94F4051 FPSetup.

  • PDF: fix for invalid PDF files generated by Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports PDF export added extra spaces to every line. Processing these invalid PDF files resulted in an "startxref not found" exception.
8E3DB864387C8C0C5790D4559815E1BDC7AF01829823BCAF2F25B476AD4751D5 FPSetup.
8B0E24F2D1056EE263C00AECCB4A7DBCD5ED87277CFD55D12DA65D5D79D7B178 FPSetup.
7F639AF64AF5DD8D8BC0305CA7DD5E4C17B7C6BACAE6C2516C2DE2F3E311AE4F FPSetup.
F5D22B46773E594F8739B86A36A30EF0A4A3940B0BDCB4ECF531CCF4C86C3E2B FPSetup.

  • PDF: fix where text was not visible in a specific case due to incorrect handling of certain colorspaces.
D42558FC46FAB7E8B40897A4FD56DFFCAEAE896DD7243D956501C4FDA10E422B FPSetup.
2F50D2FF0078C3D87F7ADE70A2173FA116938CF2467FDB99FD66041C75B77756 FPSetup.
F4274031E71A8EDAB12D9F2476BCD94E007FC9BE445CF77A67DB51542AA6C90C FPSetup.
D6A21D4A3DD1953A01DC2D9D8459EE6AEA97A389633B4A869E06227F4A130AB7 FPSetup.

  • PDF: improvements for rendering large PDF documents.
  • PDF: improvements for rendering annotations.
  • Diagnostics logging could result in huge disk space and has been disabled by default.
  • General update of code.
92BFC79958B5CD176CB55E3ECCA242BBD31AAAA02EC37F6D5ED5245B90594DE6 FPSetup.
B8A850A4CB8101648EB72608742D65E768F268BA1E9D6CECC16367F63FB85C61 FPSetup.
BE893AC3E46691F4C49C97F1753408642C01EAF834715713B91DA744C88CADB6 FPSetup.
EC3E11CBB1316D9023536AA3C0DB4E963B5B37177A7AF99755E66D3E8FE3BB8E FPSetup.

  • PDF: general improvements.

  • PDF: fix in the decoding of CCTIFF.
2D7993786394777FC94F682DA814DA4B48FE64FE233977FDA1DF2622467913DE FPSetup.
AA73086FECA79C57A0A8EDAD02559ECC31A25E6FBDD18D5D236CD153538B05CE FPSetup.
8E5C7D55EBFCD25BE311BEB7E1E04D23DE405D3703217D193EF1CB808177B0A5 FPSetup.
237255A36F134B34E391A198D8D02417976705A1994B426C691F3B5D58E01E06 FPSetup.

  • UI: fix in selection of recognition. When a recognition was selected in an input box, the carret moved to an incorrect place.
A4ECB2EC397A076375D0B7F4D526E6180726720B8273B6D071A0176089A80B95 FPSetup.
59373FD80F03C9FC5A9F07D0F9AEEE93F5AFFF8B1A57A9D816B4B69C61AE228B FPSetup.
46367FFD4F8BBF861AF364805AA0C5FB299A33B4B7C852C2D9074C57154996E8 FPSetup.
AD7ABE37BD5ECFF358C6F60509DB5168CF6D7A15C8ED3DC5A09B1833DFA973B1 FPSetup.

  • PDF: Fix for attempting to open corrupt PDF (incorrect xref table).
E74CF9B8FA39176A3B4286CD99908AFBB7178D12B5405C3F70CB4D144A794AE4 FPSetup.
51758E165101E96B26DDEC2798F7E12EBAE1A2F3BBB29FCA9DCA3BF8A5298BC6 FPSetup.
60FCB3F44130B8DAF83039572EA352F9F33BAFCC53EE97BF4645EE1599083374 FPSetup.
E6BE0B24FD545DCF21B46D41CB7892C03AD76D11402B281F85BACC7E27994B7E FPSetup.

  • Minor code updates
894CB2B4950284922B84514C806404C1A2C3DB01C4DB93E2E8B949BB5F1D1260 FPSetup.
01CAEF80C9C7638089E6F42038C6D2C0FE5C8078A7F8966958111B5F2B99C8C3 FPSetup.
2BA8BD4063C35AAF28D43222B59431B1A3A4009572AFB270B70CA8CD0902E6E3 FPSetup.
D4E354B72930AE90C0CFBE238F7F050208EC6F7D12FD11072E5E8FC19DC0B0B2 FPSetup.

  • Output: Print (V4): label was not fully visible.
  • Output: Print (V4): dutch translations.
  • Converter: XML: encodings are now in alphabetical order.
  • Output: Script: in case of PowerShell script errors, we now write these to the channel log.
  • Converter: PDF: split on barcode, correction to document naming of splitted pages.
  • Converter: PDF: split on barcode, update to page range logic.
  • PDF: if OCR is not enabled, we try to look at the PDF content to extract text from it.
  • PDF: update to CID Fonts for better lookup.
  • Output/Options: File integrity check via hash. In the Options, Miscellaneous, you can select a File integrity hash method. In the channel output (currently only Local/Network folder output) you can enable Verify file integrity hash, which calculates the original (converted) input file and output file hashes and compares them. In case of a mismatch, you can use a Post-Action for Failure.
00307BBBABC79EE485A977E8C26921A8C197D300D8EBD73FEB5A11A95802A055 FPSetup.
C44D3ABE9152BCF88A529085E170A15CF3BA721079BF3D0981046B4CB25CA051 FPSetup.
C34E9D87F81D738765351E6D01286AF930F3164A9BBA49C0A63485791900345F FPSetup.
BA36AC656E92D514997E56144140DFF4D73F7F4AEACCD836022FE26C37CC0F8C FPSetup.

  • Output: Print (V4) plugin has been added.
    Using Print V4/XPS makes stapling, media type and resolution properties available as print options.
  • Output: Print plugin has been renamed to Print (V3) with the introduction of a new Print (V4) plugin in this release.
  • UI: translations.
  • UI: update to icons.
  • Converter: XML: Encoding property is now saved.
  • Converter: XML: release introduced an issue where no XML content could be generated.
  • Converter: XML: file extension names are respected as chosen in the converter (.xml, .csv,...).
BCD9E2D2EAA79633E469374EA1505845364B004F421A97BF59E74BEAD910403E FPSetup.
99E91215A61B708774F8C9EFB9C961D10998D0D818C5B352EBA937C2C501F147 FPSetup.
BCDE94B88DB72452B30B8E3934111B27EF74C56F92256523DA1A88FB70BA7FA5 FPSetup.

  • Output: Script: speed improvements and extra caching on large sets of data with scripts.
  • Ouput: Print: extra check for clean-up of temporary files.
  • Input: Email: Outlook: you can now see more email accounts instead of only the default one from the active MS Outlook instance.
  • Input: Email: Exchange file attachment name could be empty.
  • UI: Scheduler: can't adjust scheduler anymore when File Processor is running.
  • UI: layout updates and cleanup.
  • UI: when all your channels are hidden now, you see a message in the File Processors main view that they are hidden. Before this was just empty.
  • General code improvements and internal library updates.
  • Setup: cleanup, should be smaller.
23B022B0A75C288F21010FC7A2E2409521F14C6D04BC4BC5D54D4EE2AD00B725 FPSetup.
D345523A211649ECF122D47C6130CB44E55FDC6A8F39377B225CD67E79667987 FPSetup.
99EB73C12D4B9DDCA06B5223244459E9D2E82F0BD771195B0A58C4AC08CDE281 FPSetup.
CEF89D8F778E5ED0F946DFF95A49CB28641216AF9EADA5D33FFF66F7024C56C3 FPSetup.

  • Output: Printing: updates to printer recognition.
  • UI: regular expression tester now has some predefined regular expressions that you can select from.
  • UI/Service: User Impersonation was added.
  • UI: User Impersonation user interface is also disabled now when the service is running.
  • OCR: xml, xslt, xsd, txt and csv don't use OCR anymore. The text content itself is used now.
  • User Impersonation: improvements regarding permissions.
  • UI: update to translations and layout.
  • PDF: files have reduced size when printed.
EF443B06F1839D10CF5415DE72CB13BBF17767A7CDE80415348B8276D6867EC4 FPSetup.
6D6564852581D0B6C567E650ECFB8F0C2D2B09EF31397A15A999A5F689D04000 FPSetup.
1B1998F65C2E07172A1659B2F7F6471E1A5949743CA6834C15FA28CA369E1A13 FPSetup.
77F10254ED7CA3DD2E30E7007C65E2E6AA672DA8CC2215C0146010764B3BA005 FPSetup.

  • Code: Removed unnecessary zero-length array allocations.
  • Setup: MSI logging enabled
  • Input Filter: Marking an entry in the File Sequence filter as Config now also works on .xml files instead of .txt only.
  • General code cleanup
52407FCD448657830E61DF514607D774C06F557C2943302D04CC93E83255648F FPSetup.
7439A867C5BBBEAA2AAE02FD9CBE3EBAEB53F457A6A3E7A975657D34B38CB3ED FPSetup.
764EE86430318842A88A90DC68E1E754DDB9D350E735059706EA5C6F303F41CC FPSetup.
29516D810E2EA1EFD093F9246DBA2609684C58C0E644651AA596AC209D736991 FPSetup.

  • UI: Post-actions now reflect changes in the overview list when editing the settings from a post-action.
  • Input Filter: Input Filter now fully accepts a config file. This means that you can mark a file in the File sequence filter as a ‘config file’. This ‘config file’ will not be processed, but you can use its content or properties e.g. in recognitions.
  • Setup: move from .NET 4.7.1 to .NET 4.7.2. (Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher)
32113188F64D284D339F93566F16CF80C6652D7F834F2D56E860F3CD62F8FC48 FPSetup.
842057E78CE949DB8B32D8807AC24666AAF97D98DD8F72FF3029548EF464132F FPSetup.
573FFA9485960127EF96AB37D97CA0AA99EC8C4CB2B4C23DB3AC2871A8664D7A FPSetup.
4BE410B941AE83F3528522EA1DDC2C515509924D2746E16AB28D79D519B0146D FPSetup.

  • Tiff converter has been updated to respect the DPI settings.
  • Internal packages updated from PowerShell and Email.
706E9EB947B687829C110295AF14F925C3A3D6C47BA4B30CF54FBB55B5D729D8 FPSetup.
28A7318E69A1D8C2848165BD76708FFC5319BB78D52742A6DF4FE65BBD1BA7FC FPSetup.
5D82CBEEE3CE36DBAE19FBBCFE7B6315D004C4B7EF9BC430893D37F6D2521F05 FPSetup.
D8A712C242503E403909DFE2C13CFEF9DA08A43F9D886CF946E5E24DF3BA22E8 FPSetup.

  • TIFF converter has improved caching for the opened TIFF file while reading the multipage-TIFF pages. Less reloads give a performance boost to the converter.
8C89A4D8CD6E63577F2AE94187610CA648043BF957E64C28E834460D3A19E429 FPSetup.
A883F92ECD9F7D03A3736AA0C3D96B1975427D23603887C2A9BEEAD3841FB1EE FPSetup.
C04B3EA09A67E175ACA0DFA71BA546D2BAD4E366C931F86E3795FA6B98781974 FPSetup.
109AAF23B9D6FD29EDA063FC5FA71C599917CEA3C2F0921D3BCF3FC730C2F34D FPSetup.

  • PDF: Fix when ItalicAngle key is missing from the font descriptor.
  • PDF: Fix for cross-reference stream objects.
  • PDF: General code cleanup.
93467EF66D65031001188F7B91B7312441A9443B39A4CCA22210398C18C51D78 FPSetup.
D992D42F3563CBBC140C920A1A3F0AB91AB4E51ADF59F2BC8C200183FD6A8795 FPSetup.
E0F67E4AFE3D62682F620FE549A6047305DB1A622297F36F8DAAF0DDA9BB58ED FPSetup.
1A63890817DCDE686EB727B31F89D8EE75C19BB51AB40646E513654FF8C451D1 FPSetup.

  • Fix: Print job name was not as as the file name when printing some PDF files.
  • Fix: XML Converter: Invalid characters are converted to valid characters in the XML tag name.
  • Kyktir: Implementation of Kyktir technology for rendering and printing PDF files.
  • Kyktir is now the default for rendering PDF files when printing PDF files. You can disable Kyktir via the File Processor options in the Miscellaneous page.
  • Kyktir: Better PDF printing with Kyktir. Some PDF files did not print good with a third party library (e.g. text was smashed together).
  • Kyktir: Improved handling of invalid PDF files. Kyktir now also tries to open invalid PDF files with an incorrect xref position.
  • Setup: installation was modified in order to install the prerequisites for Kyktir (Microsoft VC100 x86/x64, .NET 4.7.1).
  • Service: Channel messages are now also logged in the main log file of the server. The channel messages identify the channel by a unique ID. This unique ID can be found if you edit your channel, on the General tab page, when hovering the title. The tooltip will show the unique ID.
  • UI/Service: By default the Local/Network does not start anymore in the My Documents (Personal) folder. Now it uses My Documents\Winking File Processor to reduce the risk of accidentally starting a channel and deleting files from the My Documents folder. *UI: When exporting channels we now try to use the title of the channel as the file name. When the title is empty we use the unique ID of the channel.
  • Output: Printing: When printing PDF files using Kyktir as PDF renderer, the paper format and orientation is respected when using automatic settings.
  • UI: Update of UI translations.
  • UI: Options: A new "Maintenance" section has been added including already one maintenance task to automatically export channels (profiles) to a directory.
  • Filter: update to the filter code.
1F4E4A31B08A4FBA464C6DFDAB04E16F1A3711AD2B302C7AB7AD792F437C8AB9 FPSetup.
8DE3CD8ED4E9265A850F8ADC215E6F972869DE8C9FAD37409D40551CB9197CD7 FPSetup.
8C0EDF623FDF70DB112A78010A90CD9F08962B3A2F198B90DFB3C41E7E733AB1 FPSetup.
13F87324BA655F3A9841BA25008EEB9380D59A6DD0920B767232B90F5C0C3366 FPSetup.

  • UI: Dutch translations of the days in the fixed scheduler.
  • Service: email data equality check has been updated.
  • Filter: Script update to the included namespaces.
  • Filter: Now it is possible to use Creation Time in the filter also. Before there was only Modification time.
  • Filter: Code update to the Modification time.
  • Filter: fix for selecting a property value in the Filter UI.
139641E0A8DB773DFFF4627C62D22ADBDBE996AF706C612E54D5D2D81C5F8FB3 FPSetup.
B05D18E8EFCA06C14D4BE0BFDEE722C9D20EEB01D7E5FD3ACA7D5C76E3F164C1 FPSetup.
F6F249D2AF237F4AE5D40F00A9BC86DCFB218EE226B6D8E896A920ACEAD7057E FPSetup.
5A741CAF2AC5B4C1592462E58349B55F0840AF18BCAAAD855E64404AA901F06E FPSetup.

  • Viewer: The viewer application could sometimes still be active in memory after closing, because a resource was not released.
  • Code updates to the logging.
  • Setup: Updates to the installation code and registration of components.
  • Converter: a first implementation of a PDF converter was added to split PDF pages.
  • Output: Now it is possible to select an option Append file instead of Overwrite file or Create new file.
    When a (PDF) file has the same name, using this option it will be appended. Using a File rename converter, converting (PDF) files to a fixed, it is possible to append all (PDF) files in a single (PDF) file.
    Appending now only works on PDF files.
  • Mobile printing: accessing folder resulted in a disposed client.
  • General code cleanup.
4A9EF9E54C74147E03CD62EED65674BA9D903597E657776419D8023785915692 FPSetup.
C169CB708B0A94F14BB3BB5971F93ADEEF2E14BCA807FDFA184336302D769CB3 FPSetup.
51E2C0C5638585018B207D7C3BC30D417C830308C5EE185F75107C782CAFADF6 FPSetup.
13C6F1D9555710C3F2EAA853B49AAB883EDB46DCBF0C4C563C85A08E3913E7D7 FPSetup.

  • Server: update to the logging of initial expected messages.
  • Server: during startup, the logging has been reviewed.
  • UI: In the Options, a new section View has been added.
  • UI: It is now possible to view the channels as a list. This is useful when having a lot of channels. (Options, View, Channel view mode)
  • UI: The list of Options, File Processor, now has a maximum height for text and a tooltip was added.
  • Translations
E0D16220B33DEA2FF2D102AA6E07B391E7EC47F6AF1A8B65EBD5A8C07CF35B37 FPSetup.
3678BED913DF7ED9D80ABFBD2D368EA3B164DB3F80F33BECFE539F92F484A9C8 FPSetup.
AFFD76E104919A829BEADE8FDC6C190A8DAB844BA641132EBF1A4F16E7C9F138 FPSetup.
47FDBBF735082DB2818F2EEC2C8BE93841CABAD4F87146363B6C344EBF98332E FPSetup.

  • Tiff Converter now has the regular expression test dialog.
  • Fix for Tiff Converter in combination with file rename.
  • UI: Buttons with regular expressions have an icon now.
  • Code cleanup.
946EB86C40C3D1405E169CC99DD41FA5B876A99E75102F32F476E11BAB0EFBCE FPSetup.
5EF5EEB817B59903427C6E74D58A09FCC7E82814DEC7DF3655AC02CCC33903D0 FPSetup.
3D4F0D7E485CA8FA7D837E18BBABE1E21569998385E9EC2CBEC09C22472B6193 FPSetup.
A7E71AADD1E6D6B2708079BB7584E9283AADCD1E326C9842B009BC6E48E6AEA1 FPSetup.

  • Fix: Bug in Input Filter (File Sequence).
  • Tiff Converter now has the option to use a regular expression to filter the files that need to be converted. This is useful when using a File Sequence to launch multiple files at the same time but only convert specific files.
  • Code cleanup.
A34050EB8BFD30D6E9E437E90DB876E5B1FBEDACC5FC84B01F6BADEC3F0CB553 FPSetup.
72F8FE96DB34D39AB175110575A77461A35922A0A37545D386F9471628D35D77 FPSetup.
5C050813970CEA35FBEAC65F6CB551EC2D8F6FA4351235E8C61A26D37D4B4E1A FPSetup.
86D99C3A7F076823F328C88D6F2B88BB488D34BC0C378048592E29EEB78B35E9 FPSetup.

  • Fix: filenames on local or network folder containing %20 in the name were handled incorrectly.
  • Catching and logging (UnauthorizedAccess)Exceptions when exporting channels.
  • Fix: Filename converter now improved when combined with converter changing the content type of the input.
  • Improvements to the importing of profiles.
  • Input is now directly processed on-by-one and removed after being processed. Before, all files were processed first but removed when the run was complete.
  • Tiff converter now has the option to choose the output extension .tif or .tiff.
  • Code cleanup.
ACF01FC8FEEC02D23F1ACC1092E46793220D0E41E3E32F3CD781C5EFA9858DA3 FPSetup.
242B862D137A7ECD61AD104FAF6D67CE90B0247E0508779E0198CA6446ACFAE6 FPSetup.
8631E0C62C60DA84495B14B3BDEB8F674F574DD61A5024C53B2E72209F7FF3B8 FPSetup.
E889A789551F10D39E809E6EAA35755C6B35B80D31CB582A475B43E71B2EA308 FPSetup.

  • Reduced viewer CPU usage from about 30% to 3% (animations).
  • Fix: Prevented a plugin from loading an extra library which could potentially be a problem when this library was loaded twice.
  • Files to TIFF converter added.
  • UI: Fixed scheduler, initial selection fix in listbox.
  • UI: Fixed scheduler did not always execute correctly.
  • UI: translations.
  • Temporary files were not always deleted (PDF image extraction).
  • Faster image checking
D9588726D9EC35B9D889804CCBC0F62777329837C4DD66B70793B7F660A65205 FPSetup.
E1E62AC8BA915F80B3A2BDF87AB97833D427FC1028A6FA9F8C4CDC1C1A09E0A4 FPSetup.
DBCAC13E53ABC81AD8AE16EA576A3B0E476B832B93F1E97F18E91F1F67E1E087 FPSetup.
27F8FE89B24FF1485A4C4D99DB197D4E4AB0022A96C1BB071765FA781CEE4CC6 FPSetup.

  • Fix: NullReferenceException when adding a new parameter for script when no input is available.
  • Fix: A dynamic path constructed with parameters conflicted when the path contained a Windows special folder (e.g. Desktop / My Pictures).
  • UI: Script Output, text in the Add button was not completely visible.
  • UI: DocuWare Output, Add button for index fields did not have a label.
  • UI: Translations.
C5F3FD7D0FD9309B1262AF0E63B2F585564030BE91911C95E6FE98933A1F2594 FPSetup.
E9673CD0DA4A1C686F5D7260E74DF36C61895A7EB05514063D630B4AFC5083E3 FPSetup.
E5B4F0DF2919214266741296E5FFC4D5DAFD66C470BCBD5EE90E0C4547AAF529 FPSetup.
F2086E3DCB07DA2FEAA0FE0B9D55DB0CECC8EBFB39F4A457923A6218109AD7BB FPSetup.

  • Input: It is now possible to use DocuWare 7 as input in a channel. This allows you to process documents from DocuWare.
  • Output: It is now possible to use DocuWare 7 as output in a channel. This allows you to store documents in DocuWare.
  • After a server reboot, File Processor does not start to process files in specific cases when no UI was connected. This has been resolved.
19731060A7E2C0655F1A50316E4DB21D2E5DE4832490859F0150103775406D67 FPSetup.
0C9CE57D546D9817DA97ABFF11821203D5C251FB85F43966ADA8ADF80E105C49 FPSetup.
3E3448A416A2E050069E369485DF227D834FF116153F9ECFC0019CD34D92D797 FPSetup.
6F1572009A45607AF2DD476D66B7BF3814E5D1CFF99D31152ED005FCF3AB7AE9 FPSetup.

  • The language in Options, Misc. was not always set.
  • UI: Improvements to the folder browser.
  • UI: Translations update.
  • UI: The general settings in Options, Connections are now displayed in a different tab page.
  • It is now possible to clear the most recently used connections (see Options, Connections, Settings).
  • Input Filter, File Sequence: Sorting now also works for other properties of input types, like Email.
  • Input Filter, File Sequence: Bug fix for Ascending/Descending sorting. Changing this property now directly reflects the correct state in the UI.
  • Code cleanup.
4E523333F9D776641D61C3416744401F59B4E64CBBA300CCC4B72F30286B614E FPSetup.
F3BFFB991CC92320DCAD1D569D8F7A119CB435A20672350212BBF87B6358C9B4 FPSetup.
EFF565AFFD839C659C22C3D0378EACB5C3F4BCF00E49CF2102C3D46959E075C2 FPSetup.
8F0A0D91953A276256813F34F59E237B24D96ECE9B51397895F647D0EEFDE50C FPSetup.

  • In some cases when a service that was running and processing files before a server reboot it could happen that it did not process any new files anymore after a server reboot. Only after the viewer (GUI) connected to the service it started to process files again. This has now been resolved.
  • Code cleanup.

  • When not connected to the File Processor service, the Misc. section in Options didn't always show correctly.
  • A threading race-condition with deserialization introduced by the new activation system prevented the service (in some cases) from running again after a reboot if it was running before the reboot.
  • UI: Centralization of Log files and Help section in the Options. More user and support friendly.
  • UI: Activation user interface has been redesigned.
  • UI: Translations update.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Setup/Installer improvements.

  • Updates to the registration and activation system.

  • Email sometimes kept files locked.
  • UI: Some icons are now disabled when a channel is disabled.
  • UI: Better messages in some activation dialogs.


There could be gaps between release numbers, because of internal builds.