Print&Share CQ release notes


Installation prerequisites:


  • Core: Update to a message being showed after backup/restore.


  • Core/Recogntion: option added to discard unfound results in memory lookup table (default activated).
  • UI: many values in comboboxes are now sorted (a-z).
  • UI: the user selector control has been updated to always show the delete button.
  • UI: buttons for a hot folder entry have switched positions, so that the delete button is set as last. This to avoid clicking on the delete button of the user selector control ('print as').
  • UI: fixed some typos.


  • Core: small internal bug fix.
  • Setup: updated .NET to required version 5.0.11.


  • Core: added extra checks when writing data to a log.


  • Core/Printing: update to source tray and punching in XPS PrintTicket
  • Core/Printing: restricted source trays and punchmethods are not shown anymore in the UI.


  • Task sequencer: added an ID to all page inserters.
  • Core: added function InsertedPages() which allows an optional ID parameter. When the ID is specified, only pages inserted by the page inserter defined by that ID are selected.
    Example usage: InsertedPages(the unique id here)
  • Core/UI: added option to use a custom SQL connection string in System Settings for connecting to a MS SQL database.
  • Core: Modified the pre-execution script to run before documents are adjusted by the Task sequencer.


  • UI: update to the translations.
  • UI: update to input boxes.


  • UI/Core: Javascript quote was missing in translations, preventing a dialog and UI section to work properly.


  • UI: update to the Dutch and French translations.


  • Core: fixed a permission issue where it was sometimes not possible to delete own jobs.


  • Core: implementation of role/leaf function in page selection.
  • Get More Editor: In the Page Indication dialog, it is now possible to enable the option 'Indication per job' (only for Role). This option means that PageIndication and PageCountIndication are reset per job.
  • Get More Editor: UI bug fix. When editor was loaded, the properties were shown of an item but the item itself was not selected.
  • UI: fixed a display bug in the Auto release option screen.


  • Core/XPS: Improved quality of drawing a scaled image shader in XPS.
  • Core: trying to ignore rounding errors when drawing an image shader.


  • Core: rendering bug with overlays. A System.Windows.Media function returned different, inconsistent negative boundaries.


  • UI: column status and progress has been combined into a single column.
  • Core: Metadata columns (and profiles) can be defined for jobs in the General Settings.
  • CQ Printers/Core: Fixed a DPI scaling bug when inserting overlays, caused by a fix on the DPI scaling bug from handling jobs from a V3 CQ printer.


  • CQ Printers: scaling issue in jobs printed on V3 CQ printer.
  • Core/UI: Improved All jobs overview in Monitor section (faster queries, filtering and sorting. Database query improvements).
  • UI: Monitor, All jobs now shows Job progress, Download job and View job in a context menu.
  • UI: Monitor, All jobs has sorting, filtering (general + per column), select one or multiple, delete all selected jobs, execute all selected jobs (usefule when profiles are set to manual release in the Job release option of a Profile)


  • Core: update to caching of an overlay.
  • Core: now possible to add an environment variable in a text parameter field.
  • UI: Cookie Policy update to resolve a problem in Microsoft Edge and Chrome.
  • Backup: restore of backup failed in Chrome browsers.
  • UI: import profiles now has a file filter to avoid mistakes.
  • CQ Printers: V3 printers were not visible in the CQ Printers section.
  • CQ Printers: now possible to rename them in the browser.
  • Core: update in channel execution requirements and profile recognition to select specific pages in 'Pages'-condition. (Allows you to only execute if there are colored pages or B/W pages, ...)
  • Core: Page coverage selection in the Page selector dialog has been added. Allows you to only select pages that have a minimum coverage.
  • UI: possibility for an administrator to filter on a user in the All jobs overview page in the Monitor section.


  • Core: Update to admin rights for printing.


  • Core: fixed an issue where in a case the local printer name was used and not the network printer name when trying to print to a shared printer.
  • Core/UI: recuced printer caching time.


  • Setup: minor update to installation.


  • Core: update to XPS rendering.
  • Core: improved .NET 5 libraries.
  • Get More Editor: fix where overlay was not rendered if there was no preview job.


  • Get More Editor: improved quality when inserting an overlay in the Get More Editor.


  • Core: adjustment to prevent double job execution.
  • Fix: UI/Recognition dialog: Split on different value with an offset recognition of -1 where the very last split group was incomplete.
  • UI/Logs: clean-up dialog for the logs overview has been added to clean-up older logs.
  • UI/Logs: export dialog for logs has been added.
  • UI: icon update.
  • Update to the memory collecting.


  • Recognition: Barcode recognition for datamatrix barcodes failed because barcode font wasn't anti-aliased.


  • Core: lower memory consumption when processing a print job.
  • Core/PDF: improved speed of making PDF files.
  • UI/Get More Editor: added a Condition parameter to every object in the Get More Editor.
  • Fix: bug where the same job could be added multiple times when the service was under heavy load.


  • Core: improved performance in the recognition dialog.
  • UI: extra option in the recognition dialog to browse to other pages in the select boundaries subdialog.
  • Fix: bug regarding text recognition within a boundary.


  • Core: recognition executes in different threads.
  • Core: A job property page count has been added so that a condition could be made to insert empty pages to make the number of pages even in case of an uneven count.
  • Fix: new line wasn't saved for the result adjuster combine in the Content recognition dialog.
  • UI: Content recognition dialog received updates to give the end-user more information about results.


  • UI: improvements in the recognition dialog when loading and in case there are no results.


  • Fix: issue where a long-running task would block execution of other tasks.


  • Log/UI: an info icon was unclickable.
  • Fix: UI: Get More Editor wouldn't always open the modal dialog.
  • Fix: UI: Printing strategy dialog did not always respond the second time it was opened.
  • UI: Recognition dialog: a 'Split' option is added to allow split of recognized values into multiple subvalues.
  • Costs/Balance: First release of cost & balance page.


  • Update to CQ instance job scheduler
  • UI: Sent items hyperlink (to show the saved files) is not displayed anymore when administrator disabled saving the files.
  • V3 printer: update to the job loading.

  • Core: Update to the job scheduler
  • Fix: PDF with XMP metadata update.
  • Fix: UI: a save button didn't come to the active state when removing an emailaddress.
  • Fix: Notifications: a (global) notification was missing or delayed.
  • UI: Update to the license screen.


  • Fix: backup schedule
  • Fix: XPS to PDF page size.
  • UI: logs are nog divided in 3 views (system, DLP and admin).
  • UI: Administrator notifications will be shown in the admin logs.
  • UI: clearly showing if the number of licenses has been exceeded.


  • Fix: space characters couldn't be saved when entering a trim character in a recognition.
  • XPS/PDF: added XPS to PDF optimizations (special improvements for small images with opacitymasks).
  • Reporting: one report wasn't visible in the UI.
  • UI: Added the possibility to choose files with file selection dialog in the job overview page.
  • UI: added the possibility to release jobs that have been combined.
  • UI/Recognition: a replace option was added.


  • Reports: a reports section has been added with 3 fixed reports (number of reports could be extended in future releases).
  • Get More Editor: image object/overlay object use extra memory cache to speed up the drawing process.


  • Fix: Job could be executed multiple times. (Could happen when printing multiple files at once, not one-by-one)
  • XPS/PDF: improved image quality in the XPS to PDF conversion.
  • PDF: improved file size in the XPS to PDF conversion.
  • UI: searching text in sent items searches through original print jobs and highlights the found words in the PDF view of the original job.


  • OCR/PDF: modified the inclusion of OCR data in PDF.
  • UI: date times were converted to a different culture (dd/mm/yyyy vs. mm/dd/yyyy).
  • UI: option to save the original print job with each sent job (sent items).


  • XPS: better parsing of XPS
  • XPS/OCR: text is being extracted from XPS files instead of OCR. (OCR fallback if no text was found).


  • Fix: file selection dialog button was not always visible


  • UI: file selection dialog when choosing an overlay from the server where Print&Share CQ is installed.


  • UI/PDF: added the option to insert parameters in user password and owner password fields of a PDF.


  • Get More Editor: image overlay created from a PDF was sometimes different. This resulted in a wrong positioning of the image overlay.


  • UI: updated labels and translations.
  • UI: Channel sequencers renamed to Task sequencers.
  • UI: order of Task sequencers has been changed.
  • Get More Editor: it is now possible to embed a local PDF/XPS file in an overlay
  • Get More Editor: fixed a problem where PDF files used in an overlay rendered black.
  • Get More Editor: when opening the editor, the first selected object wasn't working. Now nothing is selected after initialization.
  • Get More Editor: adjusted display titles of properties.
  • UI: translated image source dialog.
  • UI: translated PDF settings dialog.
  • PDF permissions were not saved.


  • UI: tabcontrol didn't show content after a second time on the recognition dialog (web view).
  • OCR: improved OCR (pages are drawn bigger internally to improve OCR readability).
  • Settings: OCR: added the option to choose for Microsoft Vision API.
  • Settings: possible to specify the detail/level of logging (general settings).
  • Added the option to use Redis backplane. The redis backplane can be configured via appsettings.json file in the installation folder of P&S CQ. After adjusting the json file you have to restart the P&S CQ service via services.msc.


  • Web 2 Print: unable to upload files because of the "due date" requirement that was disabled.
  • UI: a drop zone has now a green color instead of red to show that it accepts file drops.
  • License: activation shows more details now.
  • License: general activation improvements.
  • BREAKING CHANGES: the engine has been drastically improved and updated in order to support Print&Share CQ clustering with multiple instances. It is possible that preview jobs will be lost. Before updating, take notes of your existing configuration in case of a setting that couldn't be upgraded/saved.
    (Tip: The free Microsoft Steps Recorder, included in Windows, can be used to take automatic screenshots on pages that you navigate to when viewing settings before updating.)


  • A recognition adjuster, like a regex, lookup values or trim could only return 1 result per recognized item. Now all valid results are given back.


  • Optimization of reading barcodes on pages
  • Fix: memory leaks
  • Fix: C# scripts consumed too much memory.


  • Recognition is executed in multiple threads to increase the speed of printjobs.


  • Service: resolved a stack overflow.
  • Service: combined jobs are now being cleaned up properly.


  • Service: activation and licencing improvements.


  • Setup/Driver: improvements to the V4 driver updates.
  • Service/UI: It is now possible to do a recognition on the deselected pages.