Email: monitor inbox from Exchange 365 Online (Office 365)


This article provides information on how to configure the Input in File Processor, so that you can monitor an email folder for unread emails from a specific Microsoft Exchange Office 365 email account.

Input Configuration

  1. After creating a new channel, navigate to the Input.
  2. Select Input Type: Email.
  3. In the Connection-tab, select MS Exchange for Type:.
  4. For Login:, select Specific login.
  5. Fill in the Username, Password and Domain.
    Username could be
    Domain could be
  6. For Exchange server select the Exchange Web Services (EWS) URL option and fill in your EWS url. Most likely this would be:
  7. Navigate to the Options-tab.
  8. Select the Folder you would like to monitor by clicking the Browse button. If your login information is correctly configured, you should see a folder browser dialog.

Make sure you have configured a Post-Action, which decides what to do after processing the email(s). By default Mark as read is recommended. (Post-Action success: Type: Method, Mark as read)

Optionally: The email Attachment filter allows you to process only specific attachments, which are inside an email. E.g. only process .txt attachments or attachments containing the word "Invoice". This email Attachment filter differs from the general Input Filter, because the Input Filter only works on the complete email and has no access to the attachments itself.