Configure Print&Share to send emails via Office 365 (SMTP)


If your organisation is using Office 365, it might be possible to configure Print&Share to send emails via the Office 365 SMTP server.

Configure Print&Share

  1. Open Print&Share and go to the General Configuration.
  2. Navigate to the Email tab.
  3. Let's say that is your organisation email account.
    Fill in the From email:, Reply to: with your email
  4. Click on the Transport settings button.
  5. For Transportation method select SMTP.
  6. Fill in the settings under Use SMTP server:
    SMTP server:
    SMTP login name:
    SMTP password: <your email account password>
    SMTP port: 587
    SSL? Enabled
  7. Click OK to close all dialogs.



  • The Email tab in General Configuration contains the default settings for email. When you add an email channel to a profile, these default settings will be used. In the profile/channel you can override the default settings with channel-specific email settings.

  • Your Office 365 should be configured correctly. When you try to send email on a different account than yours, make sure you have configured all mailbox permissions correctly in Exchange server (e.g. Send on Behalf, Send As permissions).

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