Nothing happens when printing to a virtual printer

When configuring a File Processor channel you can specify a printer as output. In some cases this printer is actually a virtual printer.

If you print to your virtual printer, in our case we'll use Print&Share, it is possible that Print&Share does not pop-up or doesn't start up.

A possible reason for this could be the user who prints. In this topic we will give info for troubleshooting that might be useful in case nothing happens when printing from the File Processor to the Print&Share virtual printer driver or another one.


First we'll try to find out under which usernames the File Processor and Ricoh Print&Share virtual printer driver are running.

Follow these steps to find out:

  1. Start Windows [Task Manager]. Or simply press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  2. Go to the tab page [Details]
  3. Find and locate the Winking File Processor service.
  4. In the column [User name] you will find under which user this is running. For example LOCAL SERVICE.
  5. Now find and locate the Print&Share application in the same dialog.
  6. The column [User name] should give you the user name under which Print&Share is running. For example Jeffrey.

As you can see the File Processor service is running under a different user name than the Print&Share application. When the File Processor tries to print to the Print&Share virtual printer it will fail.

There are two options to resolve this: print with user impersonation or change the user of the File Processor service.

To enable user impersonation, go to:

  1. Edit the File Processor Channel.
  2. Navigate to the User Impersonation tab.
  3. Configure the user impersonation so that File Processor prints with the same user as Print&Share.
    Note: it is possible that you need to enable the Act as part of the operating system policy in the Windows operating system.

This article doesn't focus on how to fully configure user impersonation itself. Please see other articles for more detailed information on this subject.

In a next step we will explain how to change the File Processor so that it runs under the same user as Print&Share. Which is most of the time the current logged-in user.

  1. Right mouse click Windows Start menu and select [Run]. Or press WINDOWS KEY + R.
  2. In the Run dialog type: services.msc and click OK.
  3. In the Services dialog find the Winking File Processor service
  4. Double click the Winking File Processor service to open the Properties dialog (or right mouse click and select Properties).
  5. Select the [Log On] tab in the Properties dialog.
  6. Now select the option [This account] and fill in the username and password under which it should run. In our case this was the user Jeffrey, because Print&Share is running under this user.
  7. Click [Apply] and [OK] to close the Properties dialog.
  8. Now with the Winking File Processor service still selected stop the service and start it again (Restart).

Try to run your File Processor channel again, if the user name mismatch was the problem, you should see your documents appearing again in Print&Share.


If you are installing File Processor for the first time, you will need to fill in the user name and password for the user. This is the user name that the File Processor service will run under. Make sure you have defined it correctly.