Exchange Autodiscover service unable to find email settings

When using the Email plugin in the File Processor with the Exchange connection option you have the possibility to automatically detect your settings by using the Exchange Autodiscover service. This can be done by simply providing your email address.

It can happen that the Autodiscover service does not find your user details, knowing that Autodiscover is configured correctly in Microsoft Exchange Server and that it is working correctly.

In this case there could be a possibility that your email address (mail contact) is hidden from the Global Address List (GAL). To verify that the user or email address that you are using is not hidden from the Exchange Global Address List you can follow the steps below.

How to find out if user is hidden from Exchange Global Address List

  1. Log in to the Windows Server with Exchange Server.
  2. Start the [Exchange Management Console].
  3. Go to: [Microsoft Exchange] → [Microsoft Exchange On-Premises (server name)] → [Recipient Configuration] → Select your Mail Contact (user)
  4. Double click the Mail Contact (user) or in the right pane click [Properties] to open the Properties dialog.
  5. At the [General] tab you will see the option [Hide from Exchange address lists]. Make sure this option is not checked.

In case the user was hidden from the Exchange address list, you can now test your settings again in the File Processor. If everything went fine, your connection settings with Exchange Autodiscover service might work again now.