Automatically print files daily at a fixed time using a schedule

We often have the question: "Every evening or night, we need to print all files from a folder. How can this be done automatically?" In this document we will explain how to create a File Processor channel that monitors a folder, often called a hot folder. The folder will be monitored every day at a specific scheduled time.

1. Add a channel

If you have never used the File Processor, and connect for the first time, there will be no File Processor channels.

For simplicity we will use the term "channel" instead of "File Processor channel".

Go to [Options], [File Processors] and click [New] to create a new channel. Give the channel a name, for example: "Daily folder print".

2. Schedule

File Processor comes with powerfull scheduling options. In our case change the [Schedule Type] to [Fixed scheduling]. This option allows you to add Timeslots.

Select "Monday" and click the [Add Timeslot] button. Now specify the [Start] hour, when you would like that File Processor starts to process the files on Monday.

Do the same for the other days. This gives you flexibility to configure your channel to run only during weekdays.

3. Input

Set the Input to [Local/Network] to monitor a folder. Specify the folder that you want to monitor.

4. Output

For the output we would like to print. Select [Print] as output.

5. Testing

You are ready to start the File Processor and let your channel process the files.

Additionally you could further configure your channel for example by adding an input filter.