Print 2 pages on 1 sheet


In this case, we combine two pages on one sheet of paper.
An example could be printing 2 A4 pages on one A4 sheet.

By using this feature you can save the usage of paper.

This example illustrates the usage of the Combine pages feature.

In Print&Share you don't find the words Combine pages because you don't have to combine pages always. The label in the software is called for this reason Pages on 1 sheet.

Print&Share configuration

Please follow the steps to build this case:

  1. Create a new profile containing a channel with print functionality.
  2. Go to the channel configuration by clicking on the printer icon.
  3. For option Pages on 1 sheet change the value to 2.
  4. Close the dialogs by clicking the OK buttons.


Youtube video

Note: This video demonstrates the Combine pages feature. A second page for demonstration purposes was added by using the Insert pages feature. If you want to test the configuration above without using Insert pages, you could simple print a single document with multiple pages.