How to save a print job for support

When contacting your local dealer or the Winking support team, you might been asked for capturing and sending the print job in Print&Share.

The reason for this might be that, for example:

  • you are experiencing an issue and that the development team wants to debug the job that Print&Share received.
  • you need help configuring a profile or setting up a Proof of Concept.
    (Recognitions can be configured more easily when you have a document preview in Print&Share.)

Saving a print job in Print&Share

  1. Print your file as you would normally do, to Print&Share.
  2. You should see the Print&Share user interface.
    (optionally) If the Print&Share user interface dissapears directly, you might have to turn off Auto Send & Close first in the profile.
    1. To turn of Auto Send & Close go to the profile that is/will be used.
    2. In the Profile dialog make sure Auto Send & Close is unchecked.

  3. Click the blue floppy disk icon at the bottom.
  4. Select Save as.
  5. Choose either Current document or Loaded documents.


You will be propted to save the job(s) as an .opj file.

This print job file .opj is the file that you should sent.
In case you have the original source file (for example a PDF file, Word document,...) it might also be useful to include it also when contacting support.