Secure Print (Follow you, Follow me, Follow user print)

Print&Share contains its own basic secure print / follow-you / follow-me / follow-user print system. Jobs can be released via your smartphone by entering a code or scanning a QR code on the printer.

The workflow

  1. User prints a job.
  2. Walks to a printer with smartphone.
  3. Opens browser on smartphone and enters/scans the QR code of the printer.
  4. Job is printed on the device.


In this situation we will asume you don't have any profiles configured.

  1. Create a new profile by going to Manage > Workflow > Profiles.
  2. Edit the profile and add a Printer channel.
  3. Edit the Printer channel. Instead of selecting a printer in the single printer mode, change the Printing mode to use: to Follow user.
  4. Save the channel and profile.

Now we have created a secure, follow-you profile.
The next step is to create QR codes (release codes). These release codes can be printed and be placed next to the printer.

  1. Go to Manage > System setup > Release codes.
  2. Here you have a list of all printers and unique codes. Click the button Print QR Codes.
    This will give you a file with QR codes.
  3. Print this file and place the specific QR code next to your specific physical printer.
    Note: Not every printer listed in this overview is a physical printer.

Secure print / Follow-you

In the steps above we have created a secure print / follow you / follow user / follow me profile. We also generated QR codes for the physical profiles.

  1. Print a document from your pc with your user account (e.g. user "Peter Desmith").
    (If everything is fine, nothing will be printed.)
  2. Go to a physical printer. Take your smartphone and surf to http://<cq-server-or-ip>:800/secureprint or https://<cq-server-or-ip:4433/secureprint.
  3. Log in with your user (in our case "Peter Desmith").
  4. You will see your jobs, release a job by clicking Release next to the job.
  5. Enter the code of the physical printer or scanning the QR code next to the physical printer.