How to collect a crash dump file

When an application crashed, is frozen or hangs, it is often possible to create a mini crash dump file from it in Windows.

Such a file could then be analyzed by specialized software to find a possibile cause of a crash or hang.


  1. Open Windows Task Manager, this could be done by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC.
  2. Go to the Processes tab page.
  3. Select the application that crashed, and right click it.
  4. Select Create dump file
  5. You will first see a dialog: Dumping process, Please wait while the process is written to the file.
  6. When the dump is complete, the dialog will change to Dumping process, The file has been successfully created. The file is located at: C:\Users\....
    Write down the path.
    Click on Open file location. This will open Windows Explorer and select the specific file.

That dump file (*.DMP) should be sent to the support team to investigate it.