Converting PDF to images

This article will guide you to the process of configuring File Processor to convert PDF documents to images.


  1. Create a new channel.
  2. General: give the channel a title (e.g. PDF2Image).
  3. Schedule: leave as default or chance to your needs.
  4. Input: Select Local/Network and locate the directory with your PDF files.
  5. Input Filter: For demo purposes we'll configure a filter to only search for PDF files (files ending with .pdf).
    a. Click the Green add button.
    b. Select Property.
    c. Select File name and Match Regex and fill in (?i).*[.]pdf
  6. Conversion: Click Add Converter, select Convert to images and choose the Image format .jpeg.
  7. Impersonation: not being used now.
  8. Output: select Local/Network and locate the path to store your images.
  9. Post-Action: leave it as default (Process -> Delete (input file)). This removes the file from the input folder after it has been processed, otherwise we will be in an infinite loop.