Nothing happens when creating a CQ Printer

This article will give you some common cases that might help you in the troubleshooting process.


Check: Permissions

Make sure that the user who is running the Print&Share CQ service has enough permissions and privileges on the local computer to add and install printers.

Due to the found vulnerabilities, called PrintNightmare, in Windows, you now need an elevation of privilege to Administrator in Windows. Thus make sure you make the user is e.g. a local computer administrator.

Check: Service user

It is possible to assign multiple users with administrator privileges within Print&Share CQ. Granting these users additional privileges in Windows will have no effect when installing printers. It is the user who is running the Print&Share CQ service that needs to be granted additional permissions (e.g. local computer administrator).

Check: Local System

If you run Print&Share CQ under a specific user account and you think you have added enough permissions to that user and you are still unable to add CQ Printers, maybe it is time to check if you have the same problem after changing the service account to Local System.

Change the Print&Share CQ service (services.msc > Winking ...) user to Local System, restart the service and see if that works. If you are able to add CQ Printers under the Local System user but not under a specific user, this could mean there is still a security/permission not being correctly configured for that specific user.

Check: log on/log off, restart

Sometimes Windows permissions are only applied after

  • log on/log off of the user profile
  • after rebooting the server
  • after restarting the Print&Share CQ service
  • after updating group policies (gpupdate /force)

In case you changed permissions, make sure they are applied. (General Windows behaviour).

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