Hold and manually release print jobs (e.g. printroom)

By default jobs being printed to Print&Share CQ are being executed automatically by a certain profile, unless configured otherwise.

In this article we will give you some information on how you can put print jobs on hold and release them or release specific print jobs manually. We'll look into the basics of configuring a hold/release scenario.

It assumes that you have basic knowledge of Print&Share CQ already, that you can create a profile.


  1. Log in to the Print&Share CQ admin portal
  2. Navigate to Manage and select Profiles under the Workflow section.
  3. Create a new profile with e.g. a print channel and call it Hold jobs.
    (we assume that you don't have any other profiles configured in this scenario).
  4. Edit the profile and under the Options section of the profile click Edit next to the Job release: field.
  5. Change Auto release to Manual release and click Save.

Everything that will be printed and being executed by our Hold jobs-profile will be put on hold.

Manually release print jobs

  1. Print something (e.g. from Notepad) that will be executed by the Hold jobs profile.
  2. Navigate to Monitor > All jobs and select All manual printed jobs.
  3. Your printed job should be visible in this overview.
  4. Select the job and click Release job to release it and let it execute by a profile.

Hot folder

When configuring a hot folder in Print&Share CQ, remember that the documents are being subject to the profile recognition. Depending on the order of profiles or if you linked them directly to a specific profile the documents can thus also be processed and being put on hold.

This allows you to configure a workflow where the enduser drops some files in a folder and Print&Share CQ picks up the files and puts them on hold and waiting to be released manually.


When profiles are configured with manual release, the printroom operators could use this scenario to process and accept print jobs centrally from all or certain users.

This will give them the possibility to release or group jobs.

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