Configuring a recognition

Recognitions can be used everywhere in Print&Share CQ. They can be used in Profile recognition, execution requirements for channels, Get More Editor and many more places.

There are different types of recognition:

  • Value recognition
  • Label recognition
  • Barcode recognition
  • Image recognition
  • Job property
  • Default value

Recognitions could often be combined with extra options to adjust the result.

This article will give you an insight on recognitions.

The Recognition UI

When navigating to a recognition dialog, either from profile, channel or a specific object level, you will notice that the recognition dialog always looks pretty similar.

  • The Page range allows you to specify where to search for values.
  • The Source tells you to search in the original print job or when in a channel or Get More Editor in the print job that you modified (e.g. by using a task sequencer to insert extra pages).
  • The Content Bounds allows you to specify the search area within a page. Limiting the search area to only the necessary improves processing speed.
  • The Recognition type allows you to specify and configure the recognition.