Order of profile execution

When configuring profiles in Print&Share CQ, the order of profiles can be of high importance.

Print&Share CQ evaluated profiles one by one. Starting with the lowest index (1) to the highest index.

A profile without anything specific configured (like profile recognition) will always be valid and being executed.

A profile with Profile recognition configured will be evaluated and if the recognition results in a valid match, it will be executed. Otherwise the next profile in order will be evaluated.

This means that if you put a profile without profile recognition on the first position and after this a second profile having profile recognition, your second profile will never be executed. Because the first profile will always be evaluated first and it will always be valid to execute.

For this reason it is recommended that you put your profiles configured with Profile recognition at the top of the profiles list.

Hot folders can be associated with a specific profile and are the only ones that do not respect the order of profiles. This is only the case when you associate a hot folder with a specific profile. Otherwise the same rules apply and each file from a hot folder will be subject to the profile execution evaluation.

Changing the order of profiles

To change the order of profiles:

  1. Navigate to Manage > Workflow > Profiles.
  2. Click the Change order profiles button.
  3. Behind the profiles you will see arrow-buttons to change the profile oder.
  4. After changing the order, uncheck the Change order profiles button again to return to the default Profiles view.