Automatically print files from a hot folder


In this article we will explain how to configure Print&Share CQ to monitor a folder, which is also referred to as *hot folder monitoring*.

Print&Share CQ contains a hot foldering module. In case complex file filtering and advanced scenarios are needed, we recommend using or combining File Processor.


  1. Log in to the admin panel of Print&Share CQ using a web browser.
  2. Navigate to Manage > System Setup > Hot folder settings.
  3. Click Add location to add a folder to monitor.
  4. For the location select a shared network folder, accessible for Print&Share CQ and for one or multiple users. (Another location or folder could also be used.)
  5. To demonstrate the usage of a filter, we are going to create a filter that only accepts PDF files. Files ending with the .pdf extension.
    Click on edit button to edit the Filter.
    For Filter type: select Simple filename filter
    For Filename filter (regex): fill in this regular expression: (?i).*[.]pdf
  6. Click Save button to save our Hot folder settings.
    This far we have configured a basic hot folder monitoring for PDF files.
  7. Navigate to Manage > Workflow > Profiles.
  8. Create a profile by clicking Create new and give the profile a name.
  9. Scroll down to the Channels section, select the Printer-option and click the *Add Channel button.
    This will add a channel with printing fuctionality to the profile.
  10. Let us configure the printer right away.
    Click the pencil-icon to edit the print channel.
  11. Select your desired printer.
    Scroll to the top to the Save button to save this printer configuration.

That's it, every PDF file from the hot folder will be printed.


Why is my profile not being used to print files from my hot folder?

For this to answer, there could be more than one reason.

Multiple profiles:
In case you have multiple profiles, one option is to set your profile as the first profile in the list of profiles. Profiles are being evaluated starting from index 1 till the end. To change the order of profiles navigate to Manage > Workflow > Profiles. Click the Change order profiles button.

A hot folder might also be directly associated with a specific profile. This allows you to create workflows where specific tasks (= channels in a profile) can be executed for a specific hot folder. Orders could be printed, archived, emailed,... differently compared to invoices.

Profile recognition:
Maybe a configured recognition of another profile was being triggered. Maybe you can change the order of profiles or make the profile recognition(s) more specific.

Nothing is being printed

Filters (hot folder):
In case you have a filter on your hot folder, try to remove it first and see if it prints. If this is the case, maybe there is a small mistake in the configured regular expression.