User Impersonation

By default Print&Share accepts, processes and prints files as the Windows user that is currently running Print&Share. This means that printjobs will be sent out with that username.

In case of a shared driver or a specific scenario you want to keep the original job owner or print documents under a specific user. To do this, you can use User Impersonation.

Configure User Impersonation

  1. Open Print&Share main user interface.
  2. Click on Change in the upper right corner to open the Profiles dialog.
  3. Click on General Configuration.
  4. Navigate and select the User impersonation tab from the General Configuration window.
  5. Enable Activate impersonation for executing (email, fax, print etc) a document.
  6. Select e.g. the option Impersonate user that printed the job.

You need to enable the Act as part of the operating system policy in the Windows operating system.
Read the step-by-step guide here on how to configure this policy in Windows.