I can't see my mapped network drive


When going to File Processor, you are unable to select a specific printer in the Print output. The printer itself is accessible and visible in Windows Printers & Devices.


A possible cause could be that the File Processor is running under a specific user (e.g. FPUser) but the current logged in user (e.g. User1) who installed the printer is a different one. There is a possibility that the user FPUser doesn't have access to the printer, because the printer is installed only for User1 and not for FPUser. Or the printer isn't rolled out to that specific user.


Solution 1:

  1. Open Windows services (CTRL+R services.msc)
  2. Stop the Winking File Processor service
  3. Right mouse-click the service and select Properties and change the Log On account. Make sure you select a user that has access to the printer.

Solution 2:

Map the network drive with the user that is running the Winking File Processor service.

Below you will find some Command Prompt or Windows Powershell commands that could help you:

See your connections:
net use

Map a network drive:
net use DRIVE: PATH
net use k: \\server\share

Map a network drive with a specific user:
net use k: \\server\share /user:Foo MyCrazyPassword

Make a mapped drive persistent (so that it stays after a PC reboot):
net use k: \\server\share /user:Foo MyCrazyPassword /persistent:Yes
You can also use the /persistent:No switch.

To delete a mapped network drive:
net use k: /delete

Deleting all mapped network drives:
net use * /delete

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