Unable to print page ranges from Microsoft Word


You are able to print a complete Microsoft Word document, the current page or a page range starting from page 1. However a specific range of pages (e.g. 3-42) or multiple ones do not print.


It is most likely that your Word document is a multi-section Word document.

To verify this, you can double click a Header or a Footer element and check if it displays the word "section" (e.g. Footer -Section 3-)

This could happen if you did, for example, a mail-merge.


Solution 1:

  1. Save the Microsoft Word document as another Word document.
  2. Try printing with page-ranges again.

Solution 2:

  1. Use the section-page-range syntax:
    1. p#s#-p#s#
      For example p3s1-p9s3 prints from page 3 of section 1 till page 9 of section 3.<
    2. s#
      For example s3 prints alles pages of section 3.
    3. s#-s#
      For example s1-s5 prints all pages from section 1 till section 5.
    4. s#,s#
      For example s3,s9 prints section 3 and prints section 9.
    5. p#s1,p#s#
      For example p4s2,p17s6 prints page 4 of section 2 and prints page 17 of section 6.
  2. A combination of section-page-ranges is also possible as you could do with regular page-ranges.