Make P&S CQ print queue accessible for client PCs

After a fresh installation of Print&Share CQ or after adding an additional CQ Printer, the CQ print queue should be shared with other users.

Share the Print&Share CQ printers

  1. Verify the print queue names that you want to share by navigating in the portal to: Manage > CQ Printers under the System Setup section.
  2. On this page you will see your V3 and V4 print queues.
  3. Go to Windows Control Panel and select Devices and Printers.
    Alternatively go to: Settings and select Printers & Scanners in the Devices section.
  4. Select the P&S CQ print queue that you want to share, right mouse-click and select Printer properties
    (or click Manage and select Printer properties.)
  5. Go to the tab page Sharing and share the print queue as you wish by selecting the option Share this printer.

Now for the client side:

  1. Log in on a client PC, logged in with a user that should have access to the printer as configured in the sharing options,.
  2. Install the print queue by opening Windows Explorer and navigating to \\servername\ or \\<ipaddress>\ where you should see the Print&Share CQ print queue.
    Alternatively you could go to Windows Control Panel > Devices and Printers and Add a printer.

If all goes well your Print&Share CQ print queue is ready for use by the client(s).
Admin Note: Don't forget to create a profile in the P&S CQ Portal to allow the actual physical print output.