MSI creation


This article is intented for administrators.

By now you should have configured your Print&Share profiles and referred to them in the Installation Configurator.
Your goal now is to create the MSI file containing all the default settings and set of profiles configured in Print&Share and the Installation Configurator.

There are two methods to add the default settings in your MSI file for the Print&Share installation.

The first method allows you to export to an existing Print&Share MSI file. The second method allows you to insert (or inject) files to an MSI file. This second method requires additional software.

We recommend using the first method.

Overview of different methods to create/save the MSI:

  • Export to MSI (preferred method)
  • Insert your default values in the setup set

(Preferred method) Export to MSI


Click on the menu [File] and the item [Export to MSI] to export your settings.
Choose a copy of an existing P&S msi file. When you click on the save button the existing msi file will be replaced by the newly configured file.

Place your new msi file in the installation folder to create a complete installation or roll out the new msi file.

This method does not require any additional tools like e.g. Orca or InstED.

(Alternative method) Insert your default values in the setup set


Only use this method if you do not want to use the [Export to MSI] method.

Click on the menu [File] and the item [Save As] to save your settings. Choose a folder to save your configuration files.

The created files are called PreInit.ini and PreInit.Program.xml.

With this procedure you can inject you two files in the standard installation set. In this way you create a specific installation set for your project.

Inject your files in the MSI

To inject the files PreInit.ini and PreInit.Program.xml in an MSI-set you can use free MSI editors.

Well known MSI editors are Orca and InstED. Other solutions might also be available.

In this document we will use InstED.

You can download the MSI-editor via the URL [](].


  1. Start the application InstED.
  2. Open in the application the file Print+Share.msi.
  3. Select in the menu [Edit] the option [Find] and search for the file Preinit.ini.
  4. You should see that the row with file PreInit.ini is selected. Double click on the value in the column Stream.
  5. Select the [...] button and browse to your PreInit.ini file which you have to insert in the Print+Share MSI.
  6. Click on the [←] button to inject the file in the Print+Share.MSI.
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 for the second file PreInit.Program.xml.
  8. Save the MSI-file.

From now on, you have a complete and a specific installation-set for your project with Print&Share.