How to insert a value automatically from Ms SQL server (lookup)

Print&Share configuration

Please follow the steps to build this case:

  1. Create a new profile containing a channel with print functionality.
  2. Open the Get more editor by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the channel.
  3. Click on Insert additional values from a table with possible reformating.
  4. Configure the recognition. Use Label-recognition, for the Label: use value Your contact: and set the Value type: to Character string group.
  5. Go to the Edit result tab and click on Lookup column.
    1. Click on the ... next to Data source.
    2. Select SQL Database.
    3. Click on the OK button.
    4. Select the server and enter the credentials to connect to the SQL Server.
    5. Select the database.
    6. Select the table name.
    7. Close the dialog by clicking the OK button.
    8. In the Lookup column field select the column where the search value can be found.
    9. In the Return column field select the column where the result value can be found.
    10. Select **Exact match.
    11. Close the dailog by clicking the OKbutton.
  6. If necessary change the font , color and position the return value.
  7. Close the get more editor by clicking on Overview.


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