Dynamic signatures

In this case, we will configure Print&Share to add a signature to a document.

Print&Share configuration

Please follow the steps to build this case:

  1. Create a new profile containing a channel with print functionality.
  2. Click OK to close the dialog.
  3. Open the Get more Editor by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of overview.
  4. Click on the Add object with parameters-button.
  5. Click Add to add a new Oject Recognition line.
    1. Add the image with the signature by clicking on the Image-button.
    2. Use the External reference to an image and click on the *Folder button to select the file.
    3. Remove the name of the file (but keep the extension).
    4. Click on the Add button and select Recognition parameters.
      1. Open the Label - tab.
      2. Enter the recognition value.
      3. Select the position where you want the signature in the drop down list (eg. After the label, above the label , ...).
      4. Select Character string group as value type.
      5. Close the dailog by clicking on the OK button.
    5. Close the dialog by clicking on the Ok button.
    6. Click on the Edit button in the Object recognition to define when to add a signature.
      1. Add a recognition.
      2. Close the dialog.
    7. Select the image in the list of Added images.
      1. Search for the option Docked.
      2. Change it to True.
    8. Close the dialog.
    9. Select the object recognition in the list of Added images.
      1. Search for the option Relative to result.
      2. Change it to True.
      3. Set the Page range to Last page.
  6. Close the dialogs by clicking the OK buttons.


Youtube video

Youtube video