Insert logo and watermark

How to insert a logo or watermark

  • Make your logo available in Print&Share :

    • Click on the [Change] button in the right hand upper corner of the Basic window. The profiles windows will appear.
    • Click the button [General Configuration].
    • Select your Company logo by the [Browse] button.
    • Close the dialogs by clicking [OK] buttons.
  • Insert logo and watermark in the document:

    • Click on the icon (document + pencil) in the upper right corner of your channel preview. The Get More Editor will appear.
    • Click on the first button of the button bar [Insert company logo].
    • Your predefined (company) logo will appear on the composition of the document.
    • Drag the company logo to the position you want.
    • To insert the watermark, click the button with the word “Copy”.
    • You can change the properties of the watermark by clicking on the Overview of Added images and then modify the values of the properties.