Activation of Print&Share

Online Activation (default)

After the registration process you will be able to activate your software. If you have already bought the software and you received a purchase key, you can activate your software after the registration process. Without the purchase key your product remains for a 30 day trial period and you can activate your software later. In this case, click on the button [Change] in the top right corner of the program, and then on [General Configuration]. Go to the rightmost tab called [Activation].


There are three methods to activate your software.
Depending on the procedure, you or your Ricoh contact will have received a purchase key to activate. A purchase key can be one or more Software key(s) or a single Reference Code.
If you don’t know which type of key(s) you received, you can look at the format: 1. Software key: 0000-0000-0000 2. Reference code: 00000-0000000-000 3. Activation code: 00000000-000000000-00000000-00000000

Activate via Software key(s) (default)

  1. Select [Software key(s)]
  2. Click [Enter software key(s) for activation…]
  3. In the [Software keys]-dialog click the [+] button to add a Software Key:


  4. Fill in your Software key and click the [OK] button:


  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 if you have multiple software keys that you need to combine (e.g.: product + maintenance + extra users). This is very important because extra software keys cannot be added to once the product is already activated.
  6. Once you have added the required software keys in the [Software keys] dialog you can activate Print&Share by clicking the [Activate Software key(s)] button. Before activating verify that you’ve added all the software keys correctly.

Activate via a Reference code

  1. Select [Reference code]
  2. Fill in your Reference code
  3. Click the [Register] button
  4. Click [Check for an activation code online]. Both activation methods require an active internet connection. Print&Share will automatically contact a web service when activating the software. You will not have to undertake any action for activating Print&Share in both cases. You can follow up on the activation by clicking [Check for an activation code online].

Activate via an activation code

Using a manual activation process, you will receive an activation code as a number or as a file. Enter the number by copy and [Paste] or [Load] the file.

See Offline Activation...

Offline Activation (not recommended)

In case you don't have an internet connection to activate the Print&Share software, it can be done with a manual procedure.

The steps required for the offline registration are:

  1. You need to registrate the software with the license Reference and save it as an .ropp file.
  2. Send the .ropp file to us.
  3. We (Winking) will generate an activation file with extension .aopp and send it to you.
  4. You need to load the .aopp file in Print&Share

More in detail:

Creating and sending the registration file

  1. Install the Print&Share software and fill in all registration information which is necessary.
  2. During the initial installation, you can enter the Reference code or later by opening Print&Share, clicking the [Change] button in the upper right corner, clicking the [General Configuration] and navigate to the second last tab [Activation] in the [General Configuration].
  3. After filling in the license keys and registering, a dialog will appear that the registration did not succeed, because you don't have an internet connection. On this dialog you'll see the option Save registration to save the information as an .ropp file.
  4. Click Save registration to save it as an .ropp file and store it on e.g. a memory stick. On a computer with internet connection email or send us (Winking) the file you just saved on your memory stick.
  5. (Winking) will generate an activation file with .aopp extension.

Loading the activation file

For the activation process, you have received a file with .aopp extension.

  1. Open Print&Share and click on the upper right corner on the [Change] button.
  2. In the Profiles dialog click on the button [General Configuration] while pressing the CTRL key.
  3. Navigate to the second last Tab page called [Activation] and choose the option Activation code.
  4. Click on the [Load] button and select the .aopp file.
  5. Click the [OK] button.

Note: if you don't see the Activation code option, make sure you have opened the General Configuration by holding the CTRL when clicking the button from the Profiles dialog.

Hardware change

When you upgrade or replace your hardware, your hardware ID will change. You will need a new activation code in this case.

Moving licenses

In case you want to move a license from an old pc to a new pc fill in the Print&Share maintenance form.