Insert a document from Documind

Insert Pages

For sure in some documents you want to insert some extra information. E.g. if you print invoices it can be wishful to insert a document with your sales conditions. To insert a file from Documind select in the tab [Channel configuration] of the Profile dialog the button [Insert Pages]. To insert a new page from Documind select the [Active] checkbox. When clicking the [Add] button you will have to choose your source type. Please select [Choose one or more existing documents].


Now, you can change the [Path type] to the value Documind. Click on the button [Modify] to specify the connection to the Documind DMSsystem. E.g. \ Select the appropriate [Protection] and [Login type]. If necessary you can use credentials. Fill in the DocuWare organization to which the connection will be made.


Click in the dialog Documind options on the [Archive]-tab. Here you can select an existing [Archive], [Document class] and [Folder]. These fields are called indexes. To be able to select these indexes in Print&Share, they need to be configured and should exist already on the Documind server.


Select in the file list a specific file. By clicking the folder icon you can choose one or more files from the defined archive. If want to insert a document in a dynamic way e.g. by a recognition value or by regular expression, you don’t have to select at that moment a specific file. Close the Documind options window and make your file selection in the field [Filename (filter)] or [Filename (regex)] which is a choice of the appropriated checkbox. Both methods can result in a selection of one or more pages to insert. Click on [OK] the close the dialog.