Archive to Documind

File printer

To setup channel for Documind you have to setup a channel with the file printer functionality. For general information about this functionality we refer the appropriated chapter in the manual.


To create a connection with your Documind document management system you have to choose in the field [Path type] the option Documind. Click on the [Edit] button to specify the connection to Documind. To do this you have to enter the url to that Documind server/pc. E.g. Select the appropriate [Protection] and [Login type]. If necessary fill in your credentials.


Click in the dialog Documind options on the [Archive]-tab. Here you can select an existing [Archive], [Document class] and [Folder]. These fields are called indexes. To be able to select these indexes in Print&Share, they need to be configured and should exist already on the Documind server. You can also fill in document properties by clicking the [+]-button to add a new property-index. This will show you a dialog of the available server propertyindexes to use. Click [OK] when you configured the correct settings. If you can’t connect to an archive, please verify that your connection settings are correct.

File name

You can also change the file name of your document which you will archive on Documind (with a default server configuration). Click on the button [Add] if you want to add a value by a recognition method of your print job.