Archive to DocuWare

File Printer

To archive to DocuWare, you have to configue a Print&Share profile using a File Printer channel. The File Printer functionality will provide the output documents for DocuWare.


  • To create a connection with your DocuWare DMS you have to choose in the field Path type the option DocuWare.
  • Click on the Edit button to specify the connection to DocuWare.
  • To do this you have to enter the url to the specific DocuWare server/pc. For example: MyDocuWareServer
  • The default port of the DocuWare Authentication Server is 9000. If necessary you can use credentials.


  • Fill in the DocuWare organization to which the connection will be made.
  • Click in the DocuWare options-dialog on the Modify… button.
    Here you can select an existing cabinet which is available for you from the DocuWare server.
  • Click OK when you selected your cabinet.

If you can’t connect to a cabinet or if the Modify… button does not respond, please verify that your connection settings are correct.

Changing the File Name

You can also change the file name of your document which you will archive to DocuWare.
Click on the button Add if you want to add a value by a recognition method of your print job.


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