Kyktir release notes

Kyktir download:
Go to the Kyktir website for general information and downloads.

Installation prerequisites:

  • Navigation: Project removed
0B8DF882B1DCCCC49E9EB472A88EDF9558B509C3ECD566F175C4C24FB9C3074B KyktirSetup.
F51CBDEF0ED222B253BBCA34D50E831FDC53B8D40450F195176D59523EB85416 KyktirSetup.

  • Setup: Installation upgrade to .NET Framework 4.8
  • Updated assemblies
  • Code cleanup
  • PCL5: Added support for .spl file extension
  • PCL5: pcl 5 now renders much faster
  • PDF: improvements in rendering
FE818A2B312D922E51708A9BC5DA76C79D7D6C2F21EEB5E6148FBD9CA334EC0F KyktirSetup.
60F69F9B851157FA6D00B2A3AC13517E4C767336FE00513A13EA2B0B849DE538 KyktirSetup.

  • UI/PDF: tooltips added for the navigation buttons (zoom, view mode,…)
  • UI: Kyktir is now single instance. When opening multiple files it tries to open them as a new tab instead of a new application instance.
  • UI: Dutch translations
  • UI: A new section “View” has been added to the Options. Here you can set the default page display.
  • PDF: Fix when ItalicAngle key is missing from the font descriptor.
  • PDF: Fix for cross-reference stream objects.
  • PDF: General code cleanup.
  • General code cleanup
C69B4C4074B29C039D0D18C3CAE88F1EB12A55C3C90674A68E81CD46DC3E95E4 KyktirSetup.
2156B508347AC374C1377BB24F600CE160FAE961A0AF5CA6F6456F446FF65EE0 KyktirSetup.

  • EMF: BitBlt record clipping fixed.
  • Updated assemblies.
  • Updated translations.
  • UI/PDF: continuous scrolling experience for PDF documents.
  • PDF: improved PDF rendering
8BCABC8C77DC3A073BE06E36D8DC9D3B40CFDCC989DE73800F2EC16142F4CEE6 KyktirSetup.
B63E39113143045BE44FB9BAE7038EE5CFD127991F36E19D74DE75C6D1828D14 KyktirSetup.

  • Updates to PDF (Type 3 fonts).
  • Updates to EMF.
86C02AF2A258FE459050BED569A19DDE2CA650751B201F055A9FD39A57F7C277 KyktirSetup.
58CAFB70F58C7A2CAB6382C4D70607AAA215B708B3A75F3E4A44ECDE4B92BC38 KyktirSetup.

  • PDF: font metrics were sometimes zero.
  • PDF: Improved horizontal displacement for CID Type 0 fonts.
  • PDF: Base 14 fonts with missing font information are rendered better now.
  • PDF: casting exceptions.
  • PDF: Default Font Engine changed.
  • UI: Update of icons.
  • UI: You can open registration form again.
6F2425ED935629534081FD38BBB544A3571FB2EA8952B03F8D1E43247B01D610 KyktirSetup.
C62956E22A281AA083096A98C719939DF51DA33368350D61EF80A2976E63A879 KyktirSetup.

  • First version of Kyktir.
  • Only PCL plugin with PCL5 available


There could be gaps between release numbers, because of internal builds.