PDF Analyzer release notes

PDF Analyzer download: www.winking.be
Go to the PDF Analyzer website for general information and downloads.

Installation prerequisites:

  • PDF: improvements in annotation rendering.
  • PDF: better processing of cross-reference entries.
  • PDF: fixed a deadlock in PNG predictors.

  • Setup: Installation now requires .NET Framework 4.8.

  • PDF: fix where text was not visible in a specific case due to incorrect handling of certain colorspaces.

  • PDF: improvements for rendering large PDF documents.
  • PDF: improvements for rendering annotations.

  • Setup: .NET Framework 4.7.2 is used now instead of 4.7.1.
  • PDF: first release where we try to extract text from PDF files without OCR. This information is visible in the Info-section, Text-tab.
  • PDF: update to CID Fonts for better lookup.

  • PDF: Fix when ItalicAngle key is missing from the font descriptor.
  • PDF: Fix for cross-reference stream objects.
  • PDF: General code cleanup.
  • Fix: crash when trying to open file that doesn’t exist anymore.

  • PDF: Update of PDF library.
  • PDF: Improved handling of invalid PDF files. Kyktir now also tries to open invalid PDF files with an incorrect xref position.

  • PDF: Update of PDF library.
  • Installation: update of the setup.
  • UI/PDF: Now it is possible to render a PDF page to a specific page size. (useful for visual 'debugging' for scaling issues)
  • UI: An extra tab Actions is added.
  • UI/PDF: Now it is possible to dump the images of a pdf to a folder.

  • Update of PDF library (type3 fonts).

  • UI: Update of icons.

  • PDF: font metrics were sometimes zero.
  • PDF: Improved horizontal displacement for CID Type 0 fonts.
  • PDF: Base 14 fonts with missing font information are rendered better now.
  • PDF: casting exceptions.
  • PDF: Creation dates are now displayed correctly in the treeview.
  • UI: You can open registration form again.
  • Using Kyktir now for preview.


There could be gaps between release numbers, because of internal builds.